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How do I fix this error
ike_fite (12)

I was coding this bot halfway from a guide halfway by myself. All has gone well except for an error I can't seem to fix. I cannot pinpoint the cause of this error, but I can give you the guide I am using. Link:

Thanks in advance.

RohilPatel (1535)

Hey there! You provided an invalid token for your bot! Make sure you go to the developer portal, click "bot" on the left hand side, then enable it, and get the token! It should look pretty long, but as I can't see it I can't tell you if you have the correct thing.

If that doesn't help, then it might be the env file.

It should look like this:


Hope this helps!

ike_fite (12)

I'm sure that I have the right token as it is not throwing an error/warning. Thanks anyway. @RohilPatel