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How do I find a friend on repl?
Savag (44)

It seems I can only visit someone's profile if they asked a question in the talk area. Is there some place that I can search up someone's profile and check out their projects?

Answered by amasad (3535) [earned 5 cycles]
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amasad (3535)

@Savag that's a great suggestion. I'm the CEO and I'll make sure we build a search soon.

SaptarshiHalder (47)

@amasad it is already there on giving @ symbol and when we star typing we can get the suggested profile names bosed on the typing.

amasad (3535)

@SaptarshiHalder yes that's one way but you should be able to search by first, last name, or even school

SaptarshiHalder (47)

@amasad Yes that would be a great idea.

HackermonDev (2074)

@amasad Is there a way I can help with even tho I am not staff. Like any coding, I can do? I don't expect you to say yes but I was just asking

NoahReese (8)

@SaptarshiHalder where is that search bar i cant find it.

hayaodeh (199)

you can search someone in the search bar, but you need to know their username ect Let us know how is that going for you! We are working towards this goal, finding and making friends on, collaborating and following each other.

Do you already have friends on you need to find? or are you making friends on and would like to stay in touch with them?

Savag (44)

@hayaodeh Already have friends

gamingwithrj (4)

i will be your friend

AGENTo97X (0)
  are you new cause i am and i an learning python wanna [email protected] 
gamingwithrj (4)

@AGENTo97X im not new i know a lot but im happy to help

HackermonDev (2074)

I don't think so, but this would be a good idea!

21natzil (1205)

Not at the moment, sorry. You can either ask them to share their profile link, or go to For example,

Highwayman (1499)

@21natzil not necessarily. If they are around a lot, they could show up here:
Good luck finding them though.

Taiga123m (3)

How do you visit somebodies repl?

teije9 (0)

@koyelsahoo4142 im tagging him so i can look at his profile lol