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How do I create sign up form?
IsaiahHawkes (4)

I want to learn how to create a signup/login form for my website.

codingjlu (215)

Do you need users to actually make an account or just a UI (a form that does nothing but looks pretty cool)?

codingjlu (215)

@IsaiahHawkes you want the users to be able to create an account? What language are you using?

IsaiahHawkes (4)

@codingjlu I want users to create an account, log in, and sign out option as well.

codingjlu (215)

@IsaiahHawkes ooh okay. Your best option is node js followed by php. I might be able to help. Which language will you use? (I prefer node)

IsaiahHawkes (4)

@codingjlu I have experience with js, html, css, and a little python. LOl I a noob

codingjlu (215)

@IsaiahHawkes cool! Learn some node js or PHP. I might be able to help!

InvisibleOne (2979)

Well, all that you need is a form, and then a page where the data from that form will be sent, the real trick with a signup/login is getting the data from the frontend to the backend
The front end is pretty easy:

<from action='#'>
  <label for='name'>Name: </label>
  <input id='name' type='text'/>
  <label for='password'>Password</label>
  <input id='password' type='password'/>
  <button id='submit'>Submit</button>

Then in your javascript file

document.getElementById('sub').onclick = function() {
  var name = document.getElementById('name').value;
  var password = document.getElementById('password').value;
  console.log(name, password)

Something like that is the basics, but you can make it more complex if you like.

codingjlu (215)

@IsaiahHawkes not that I'm greedy of cycles, but I don't think you should select it as the correct answer as it only answers part of your question...

IsaiahHawkes (4)

@codingjlu would u like me to cycle urs too?? I just want help and am taking any help can I get. I don't care too much about that stuff.

codingjlu (215)

@IsaiahHawkes lol sure I can help (no guarantee)... no I didn't say I want cycles it's just that he didn't exactly answer your question so you shouldn't mark it as the answer.