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How do I correct this?
ChessRocks (0)

I'm trying to get lines 223 and 225 to print when the time is correct, but I can't. Can someone give me any ideas on where this went wrong? I tried to add a solution with a variation of this code after most of the inputs.
if attack_2 == "Thousand Arrows" and special_2 == False:
move_2 = "disabled"
Please help me figure out a solution. Thank you.

ChessRocks (0)

Thank you for the info, but I am trying to make a system where it will execute the print command for both players if their move is disabled. I think that a problem is going on with me making move_1 = "disabled". I hope this helps. I have no idea of​ how to solve this. Thank you for the suggestions.

Bookie0 (6299)

On line 225, you should change the if to elif like so:

elif move_2 == "disabled":

Check this W3 schools page out for more.

elif is basically like if, but an additional conditional. :)


Try using elif instead of if on line 225