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How do I change background colour on the repl
RyanNewman3 (2)

what is the command that makes the background colour change

IntellectualGuy (823)

You could do this

from colorama import Back,Style
print(Back.RED + "This prints text with a red background" + Style.RESET_ALL)

This would print the text with a background of whatever color you choose.
Use Style.RESET_ALL to reset all colors
Official documentation here

InvisibleOne (2986)

You can do something like this:

from colorama import Fore, Back, Style
print(Back.GREEN + "This text will have a green background!" + Style.RESET_ALL)
print(Back.RED + Fore.GREEN + "This text will have a red background with green text!" + Style.RESET_ALL)
Squirrel777 (139)

You can't change the color of the console (the black area where your repl run's) Or if you want to change it to dark theme just go to setting's on the left, find the theme then change it to dark theme!


sorry, that's not possible.

KHZ (122)

@RyanNewman3 If you mean the light and dark theme of repl you can change it by going inside any of your repl and then at the left side of the window you can choose settings under the files tab and choose dark theme.