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How do I become a replit moderator?
UnluckyFroggy (823)

Hey guys, how do I become a replit moderator? I am a great coder and experienced moderator on Discord.

Answered by RYANTADIPARTHI (6018) [earned 5 cycles]
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it's not easy to become a moderator. You have to be a well appreciated repler. You can to make good posts, stay active on and all. Other mods should observe you, and choose you.

They aren't looking for one now, but when they do, they'll choose the best.

also to report, just click the button on the bottom of a comment or post.

Whippingdot (660)

lul unluckyfroggy is the worst example of this @RYANTADIPARTHI

Also Ryan (if that is ur name) bruh when did you get 6000 cycles. I know cycles don't matter (u always say that) but just asking. Also are you inactive on talk now?


@Whippingdot i don't know, i think few people upvoted my comments or something. Also yes, I'm inactive on talk now. I may visit sometimes though.

Whippingdot (660)

aww but ok. Later if I have time I might make a project wit you (i told many people that) @RYANTADIPARTHI


@Whippingdot no problem. Also, i'm going to post a huge project soon, so be on the lookout for that.

Whippingdot (660)

All your projects are HUGE so SURE! @RYANTADIPARTHI


@Whippingdot yeah thanks! django projects are always huge. But this one is going to be really, really huge.


@Whippingdot Thanks! You're going to like it. I'll ping you once i post it ok?

UnluckyFroggy (823)

And how do I report people?

19wintersp (1142)

@UnluckyFroggy There is a "Report" button under every post and comment which is not yours. If you need to contact them directly, (probably not necessary) email "[email protected]" or ping moderation.

GalaxyWolfX (77)

Are you actually saying you want to be a moderator? Is it so you could ban everyone who tried exposing your copied code?

Coder100 (18208)

They don't need any moderators atm, @codingcactus can tell you all about it.

The report button is right here

but that's only for posts you don't make. Why would you report yourself?

Previously, you became a moderator randomly, and it was only through careful observation would you find that reporting posts help and being active does too.

19wintersp (1142)

The Replit team may pick people, however I don't believe they're "hiring" at the moment.