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How do I apply my code on a discord bot?
NimishP (7)


I wanted to make a Discord bot just for the fun of it. I used the java coding language. How would I upload it onto discord for it to become a bot? I have already made an application and a bot on discord, i just need to upload the content of the bot onto discord. Can you tell me how to do it step by step?


ike_fite (14)
  1. Log in the bot using the token from the bot account.
  2. That's about it!
Mosrod (525)

You would create a bot application here.

NimishP (7)

@Mosrod I have already done that, but how do I put my code onto the bot?

Mosrod (525)

@NimishP Use a Discord API (DiscordJS), and use the Token to connect it to the Discord Application

NimishP (7)

@Mosrod But I coded it in java, would there be a way to put my java program onto the bot?

Mosrod (525)

@NimishP Check out this tutorial on Medium for Discord Java: Click Here