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How do I add a nix file to a repl in another language?

I'm trying to use nix to install a package (rustup) in my Rust repl and I've tried adding a replit.nix file with the following code:

{ pkgs }: {
deps = [

I'm not sure how to run the nix file from this point though. I tried using cowsay and I tried using rustup in the shell and both are saying the command doesn't exist. What do I need to do to get this thing to run?


RoBlockHead is completely correct, but I can explain it a little more.

Currently, there are two types of Repls. There are the Repls that run on a Docker image called Polygott, and there are the Repls which use Nix. Before Nix, everything was on Polygott. Replit eventually plans on transferring everything over to Nix iirc.

Since Rust Repls run on Polygott, Nix isn't supported on them. However, if you were to set up a Nix Repl, then you'd be able to use it.


Nix files only work on Nix repls and certain other languages.