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How do I Disable auto-complete?

I hate it when code editors, do this, how do I disable it? It's really annoying.

PattanAhmed (1417)

@BenjaminCase Hi,
Here is the step-by-step procedure:-

  1. Open Settings

  2. Scroll down

  3. Click that arrow after Code Intelligence

  4. From Enabled, Make it disabled

That's it!

To know more about Code Intelligence, Check this picture out

Or visit this website:- Click here

Hope this helps
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k9chelsea2 (769)

go to the side bar that has all your files version control etc click on this icon:

then in the scroll down menu disable auto complete or code intelligience as its called


@k9chelsea2, Thank you!

k9chelsea2 (769)

its ok, there might be a shortcut to it or something i'm not to sure