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How can we get more cycles?
LegendaryWolf (712)

How can we get more cycles? Only by upvotes? pls, answer!

Answered by InvisibleOne (2681) [earned 5 cycles]
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InvisibleOne (2681)

There's only two ways to get upvotes:
1. Answer questions correctly and you'll get five
2. Someone upvotes your post or comment.
There isn't really a secret to getting a highly upvoted post, take my recent post, for example, it took me only an hour or two to make that, and everybody thinks it's some amazing thing. Just work hard and make quality posts and people will upvote them (with a little bit of luck of course)

Whippingdot (575)

bRuH this dude didn't listen to the second half of the thing you said. luk at his account, he posts 3 things everyday and if no-one upvotes he re-shares the same thing... @InvisibleOne

InvisibleOne (2681)

Yeah, he seems pretty obsessed with upvotes @Whippingdot

RhinoRunner (842)

hack repl and give yourself 999^999 cycle XD

RhinoRunner (842)

really though, there are 2 ways to earn cycles


upvoting posts/comments

by default, things have 1 upvote because whoever posted/commented it upvoted it. It does not add to your cycle, so basically you subtract 1 to any comment/post's cycles and you get the amount of cycle they earned.


answering questions

If someone clicks the checkmark next to your comment in an ask post, it will pin the question to the top of the post and give the commenter +5 cycles.


you get cycles by answering questions, when people upvote posts, comments. But they aren't important though.

FlaminHotValdez (442)


but they aren't important though.

Says the lad who says "Pls mark my answer as correct" almost every time he answers a question.

Whippingdot (575)

Says the lad who says "Pls mark my answer as correct" almost every time he answers a question.

Tru lul @FlaminHotValdez

SameeraMurthy (110)

You can get more cycles by answering questions, (like me right now), and if the person who asked the question accepts your answer, you get 5 cycles! You can also create tutorials, share your repls, or anything in Repl Talk can get you cycles.