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How can people see the newest repls in the Apps section?
cosc (32)

Everyday i enter the Apps section, there are almost the exact same repls as the first few days this section launched.

Each hashtag has the "N repls today" stats, as shown in the image below, but i can't click on them, so the title question popped up in my mind.

Answered by FloCal35 (668) [earned 5 cycles]
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cosc (32)
FloCal35 (668)

I don’t think you can at the moment. I know they are working on changing apps a little and it’s only in Beta so be patient. They do need to add this feature though

Coder100 (18101)

you can click on the see all button

cosc (32)

@Coder100 they don't give me the option to see the newest or trending as in the talk section, what if there was 500 repls tagged with the same hashtag? (eg. "game" or "fun" hashtag)