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How can i get SimpleGUI to work for me in
MrNelson (4)

I am currently trying to get SimpleGUI to work so I can teach my class some easy GUI stuff using drawing lines and orienting themselves on the canvas; however, when I try to use SimpleGUI and add the package, it get an error and it doesn't seem to work.

Is it possible to use simpleGUI with, if so, are there easily followable steps that i can use/turnkey to my students to make this work?

I appreciate all the help! Thank you.

Answered by a5rocks (829) [earned 5 cycles]
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MrNelson (4)

@a5rocks I have tried this, but maybe i lack the skills to figure it out? I've gotten package errors and "module PySimpleGUI" doesn't exist, even after I import it. Am I doing something wrong?

a5rocks (829)

@MrNelson Are you sure you are using the correct repl type? Notice the "tkinter" type, it's not just regular Python.

czavros (1)

I have tried this with "tkinter" and I still get: No module named 'PySimpleGUI'

a5rocks (829)

@czavros yeah they seem to have broken packages (which used to auto-install) + the package menu isn't working for me.

I ended up going to the shell tab and just running pip install PySimpleGUI... I'm sure there's a better way though.

You can just use a regular repl now!

see for an example