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How can I use python 3.6?
tal3 (0)

I want to host a discord bot but it only runs with the old version of, async. I can’t, however, use that version with discord 3.8, it requires 3.6 or below. Therefore, my question is: How can I use python version 3.5/3.6 on Or, if there isn’t a possible way to do that, what other ways can I host a discord bot using 3.5/3.6?

Answered by OlauPla (156) [earned 5 cycles]
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tal3 (0)
OlauPla (156)

There isn't possible way to get python 3.6 on, you can have 2.7, but not 3.6 or 3.5. If you want to make a discord bot look at some videos. There a ton of videos on that with the latest versions of python

Hope it helped (:

coolfighter (0)

At least python 3.8.2 is higher than python 3.6.

Coder100 (18176)

So the bot doesn't even work or is it just warning you saying that the versions are incompatible?

tal3 (0)

I haevn’t even tried it because I know for a fact that it only works with discord async, which itself only works with python 3.6 or [email protected]

Coder100 (18176)

python 3.8 did not remove async smh @tal3

Coder100 (18176)

if they did, it would be a breaking changed and they would upgrade to 4.0 @tal3

Whacko (324)

I don't know, only has Python 2 and Python 3.8.2.

FishballNooodle (207)

Hi, I made a tutorial on making Discord Bots on
See my profile.