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How can I make a really cool looking creature on here.

Hi im new to this coding stuff i want to learn how to make a rlly cool looking creature if anyone could show me da ways. Snapchat @ibrahthegoat


I think @PattanAhmed forgot to mention about top 3 online course provide which are:
1. Udemy
2. Cousera
3. Edureka

For more you can visit here


@ibrahthegoat Hi,
Welcome to your new life of Coding...
Coding is like learning a new language and it needs a lot more patience than learning a normal talking language!
Being an absolute beginner, you have to overcome a lot of difficulties in coding...
You Should not quit-up easily when you saw that red lines on your console(errors!).
My formula for teaching someone to code:
Take a language, Stick to it, Never Back-Step, Solve your Red Lines calmly, Understand and Tolerate them, Be patient for your wonderful results in the future, And you will be a successful programmer, That's it!

Here are some great tutorials to learn Java:-

YouTube Videos

1. Check this video
2. Check this too
3. And this last too


1. w3schools
2. Tutorialspoint
3. Codecademy
And you can find more tutorials online

That's it

Hope this helps


it got distorted


You could make it with slashes and bars like this

/ \

(Looked better in my head)


Based on your question, I presume you want to draw a picture of a really cool looking picture. You can do this like this:

Add the following to your code:

IDK if the following code works correctly, you will have to research a bit about g.drawImage(); but it should work. Add this before frame.setVisible(true); but after all the other code.

Hope this helps ;)

Edit: Remember to replace image.png with the name of the image.


Hi, @ibrahthegoat Didn't understand your question a little bit? Can you explain what you mean?