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How can I keep sections of code minimised?
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In, I can minimise sections of code by pressing the little minus in the box next to the line number of if statements, functions, class definitions, whatever. This makes operating on a smaller screen (in particular my laptop one) more comfortable.

However, when I reload the page, they all get re-opened. Fine for a small test project. Painful as hell when I'm working on a many-hundred-line bit of code in small time chunks.

Is there a way to make sure they stay minimised when refreshing the page or moving between devices?

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just delete the code, that's why I do

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Unfortunately, that won't happen. This is an editor-dependent feature, and it since uses 2 editors, this will be nearly impossible to add. I usually never actually have to fold code, but here's what I do:

Just put all functions/classes/whatever into different files and import them, this will also increase load time with each editor, and you can be a bit more productive (imo).

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if u open ur files in multiple tabs by right clicking. then use the tab bar at the top(just below the "run" button) to navigate files it will save your minimizations.ik this was 2 years ago but ur welcome.

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unfortunately i dont think thats possible, if you want make a suggestion here:

Happy coding and hope this helps! =)

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good question if you think its a bug with repl go [here] (