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How can I keep my server always awake?

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I have a website hosted on and I'm impressed with the version control and ability to host actual production websites.

I recently installed an SSL certificate and now I'm noticing that when I go to my URL (which is hosted to using Google Domains -> DNS redirect), the end user sees:

REPLIT ROBOT IMAGE - "Waking up the requested REPL"
Node.JS Console as commands run and load...

Finally, the page shows.

It just doesn't seem 'production quality'. I can move it to FireBase, but because of the convenience of the version control here, I'd like to keep it hosted here if I can prevent it from going to sleep.

Can that be done?


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you can A) purchase repl's "hacker" subscription, which costs $5/month, which lets you have "always on" repls, ensuring that your repl never has the "repl waking up" screen ever again, or you can B) use something like uptimerobot (which is free), uptimerobot would load your website every 5 minutes to insure its working, and then report back to you if its working or not, but the thing is, repls only "sleep" if the webpage has no activity for a few minutes, and since uptimerobot loads your page every 5 minutes, it prevents your repl from timing out and sleeping, but sometimes the repl will still fall asleep anyways somehow, if you want to 100% ensure your repl is always awake, then purchase repl's hacker tier subscription, if you want a free alternative and are fine with 95% no "repl waking up" screens, then use uptimerobot.

In my case all my repls are just web servers that store player data from my game, so no one actually sees the repl waking up screen, instead when the repl waking up screen happens theres just a slight delay of fetching or saving player data, so uptimerobot works fine for me, since most of the time the repl waking up screen doesnt happen, but when it does happen the player just thinks their internet is slow.

however, in your case the users will see the repl waking up screen, which doesnt look super professional, so I suggest buying the repl hacker subscription, since that 100% ensures no one ever sees that screen.

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Yes, just use something like uptimer bot, which is free

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