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How can I keep my bot running 24/7 for free on repl?
ArjunAnish (0)

Hey, I can't buy the hacker plan atm so I was wondering how I could host my bot on repl 24/7 for free. I made a web server with flask to keep it running but that's only giving me 30 minutes or so and pinging services like uptime robot don't seem to be working anymore. If I have the repl tab open 24/7 (I need to switch tabs and all but I'll have the repl open) will it be hosted 24/7?

ArjunAnish (0)

@Coder100 does uptime robot still work?

OldWizard209 (1537)

use uptimerobot to ping your bot after set intervals so that it stays online.

Coder100 (18185)

To host in python, try this tutorial.

To host in node.js, try this tutorial.