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How can I embed a repl in my website and allow the user to edit it without the sign in popup?
hounder74 (0)

Hey Guys,

I'm trying to embed a repl into my website and allow users to change around the code and run it themselves.

However, every time I try to edit the code in a separate browser session (where the REPL is embedded into my website as an iframe), this dialog pops up... prompting the user to sign in to

It kind of defeats the entire purpose of embedding the repl in my site...

Is there any way I can allow users to edit the REPL without having to sign in to


InvisibleOne (2674)

You can't really, to edit someone else's code you have to fork it or they have to allow you to edit it. Replit needs you to be signed in so it can check if you own the code or not.

DavidSafro (19)

maybe use a spotlight page instead of the actual repl? Spotlight doesn't require sign in pretty sure or if you are doing webdev just open your code in a new tab and then use the link like for your embeding