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How Can I Make 3D Games?
Battledash2 (85)

Hi! I'm trying to learn CSS transforms and stuff to make a 3D game. I managed to get 1 cube but I can't figure out how I would possibly get a second one without hard coding. Right now that 1 cube is hard coding in CSS using position absolute, trying to duplicate it would cause them to go inside of each other..


ch1ck3n (2359)

CSS Is for styling, not for 3D stuff. if you work really hard, you might be able to make a 3D game with CSS.

Battledash2 (85)

I already know how to style CSS with Javascript 😑 @ch1cken

Coder100 (18904)

No, CSS is not what you use to make 3D games.

You are better off with using three.js

Battledash2 (85)

@Coder100 I don't wanna use external libraries. I'm not a fan of that type of stuff and I don't like using frames.

lilpeen (222)

@Battledash2 Read 5 minutes of this and you will immediately change your mind. CSS transformations are way to laggy to do anything, there are way less resources than WebGL, and it is a lot harder to make a game with it. Here is a simple version of Minecraft that I made using ThreeJS and here is something to help with animations.

Battledash2 (85)

@lilpeen I might learn that after, but I want CSS transforms atm.

Coder100 (18904)

np, did it solve your question? @Battledash2

Coder100 (18904)

or do you want an actual obsfucator? (I do not recommend, it's not going to help you nor anyone else) @Battledash2

BrightSideSide (4)

I recently made a 3d model in HTML (if you're using an android device it supports AR) using js open sours code I imported externally you can find more of that in the tutorial I linked down. I don't think so it's possible with CSS, as CSS is more for the looks of the page which is 2d like shown here:

my tutorial:
my project:

Battledash2 (85)

Nice! It's been 10 months since I posted this, and ngl, I realize that it's not the greatest idea to make a 3D game in CSS, lol @BrightSideSide