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How 2 Import REPLAPI
JWZ6 (711)

I'm trying to learn Flask and I just want to learn how to import REPLAPI.

Answered by RayhanADev (2598) [earned 5 cycles]
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RayhanADev (2598)

@JWZ6 huh? I just pingged the two since they made the package xD.

darkdarcool (141)

Oooo, a question!

I can answer it!(thankfully! I don't know a lot of them)

So, open the shell and type:

pip install REPLAPI

Then it should import the package. OR(this is the better way):

Go into the replit package tab and search for REPLAPI, and it should come up and you can install it there!

Thanks for asking! If you have any other problems, let me know!

EpicCodeWizard (12)

A quick tip to @JBloves27 @darkdarcool: A bit faster method of fetching info is just making a POST request to (that is what repltalk does, it just uses asyncio, a direct request is just easier).

darkdarcool (141)

we use that now, in an unreleased version

EpicCodeWizard (12)

@darkdarcool Screw that, I just changed it, so that you have to add ?count=true for the number of posts, comments, and repls.

JWZ6 (711)

@EpicCodeWizard k just delete comments if they are bad lol

RayhanADev (2598)

@EpicCodeWizard there's no reason to advertise it doesn't answer the OP's question.