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Hiding Console
coreyseliger (0)

For Pygame games, is it possible to make the console go away for the Spotlight mode?

It eats up space and causes the game to not render correctly. For example:

You can click the "x" and it forces the remote X session to resize itself, but that's a horrible kludge. The console screen needs to be optional.

Can this be done?

Answered by InvisibleOne (3226) [earned 5 cycles]
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InvisibleOne (3226)

Try this:
Replacing YOURUSERNAME with yoru username and REPLNAME with the name of the repl you want.
That won't work for the spotlight mode but it should be only the output if you open it in a new tab.

coreyseliger (0)

@InvisibleOne This might actually be workable. Thank you for the suggestion!

coreyseliger (0)

@InvisibleOne I'm going to mark this as the solution for now as it is a viable WORKAROUND. But for the "social" aspect of what Spotlight is, that console is really a pain and should be dealt with in a better manner. Thanks again!

InvisibleOne (3226)

You should request that feature, which you can do under "Get help" @coreyseliger

ch1ck3n (2388)

i dont think its possible in replit unless the user closes it manually

coreyseliger (0)

@ch1ck3n That's just it -- you can X all you want on the console, and it just clears it. Never goes away.