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Hide code but allow the repl to be executed

Well, I mean the title is pretty much self explanatory of what im talking about.

LeoXu2 (33)

can u just open the link?


@LeoXu2 Im not using js right now. Im using python. Im also not using a web based application nor do I have the intention of that. I want code to be hidden when I share a project to repl users.


@RYANTADIPARTHI When a post is shared to replit, hide only the code from the public, but allow people to execute the code. (I'm not using the web, I am just using normal Python 3.8)


@GABELACANLALE oh. in a way, i guess that it possible. You could copy and paste the link of your ouput in the share post. And just put a blank repl in the choose a repl.

that would work

SixBeeps (5062)

You can add ?outputonly=true to the end of any Repl URL to show just the output, though be warned that anyone could just remove that part to expose the code. If you have any secrets, it's best to hide them behind something.

williham (11)

ok, see the circled thing? drag it left:

2plus2is4hoi (94)

Well, delete all the prints.
Or, import threading in python, then make a thread which has a:
while True: