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Hide Repl.It: Updating package configuration output after Run
kassandraorozco (2)

Once I click Run, outputs the following message while package dependencies are being installed: Updating package configuration

--> python3 -m poetry install
Installing dependencies from lock file ...

I understand that this is necessary for my code to run properly, but the load takes > 20 seconds. The same packages are being updated and installed even if I just ran my script seconds ago. To me, my packages are clearly up to date, so why does it need to run again. Is it possible to hide this output or skip it, and have the packages already installed / updated prior to running?

I read somewhere that referencing the 4 packages being installed / configured in a requirements.txt solve this might solve this. Is this true, and if so is there an example requirements.txt file provided by

CodeLongAndPros (1596)

This is because of a “Server switch”. On the repl backend, you connect to a server that runs your code. Not all servers may have the stuff you need.

TheForArkLD (772)
  1. get package’s content
  2. load