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Unable to initialize cargo package


I am unable to use cargo to create a new project. When I execute 'cargo new guessinggame', it fails, and returns 'Failed to create package "guessinggame" at "home/runner/guessinggame"

Caused by:
could not determine the current user, please set $USER'
This also happens when I run 'cargo init' on an already extant directory. Does anybody know how to fix this?

3 years ago
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Hi there!
Because of the inflexibility of language repls (for example, each Rust repl must have a in the repl directory at the top level), I tried this with a Polygott repl, and it seems to work.

The repl is here:
Dependencies all work as well. Feel free to fork it, or just create a polygott repl at and copy in the Makefile code (changing it to fit your need).

Please mark this as the answer if it solves your problem :)

3 years ago