Why is repl.it so slow?

I can't access my repls, I can't even see what's on repl.it Talk, I'm getting 404ed and a bunch of other things, and I can't report this to bugs because it doesn't load for me. Everything else is fine for me, it's just repl.it. I have no idea what's happening, is it just me or everybody else too?

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Yea repl.it is being a bit slow today, not the first time. I also got the 404 error, and I can't access my repls too. And I cant see repl talk too. :/ Only thing to do, well, is to wait. You can also try reporting to bugs here if anything is still not working. I think repl.it should be working fine now, but still slow. You can always try reloading page/deleting tab, sometimes works.

My guess to why this is happening is because of the classroom feature; apparently its dragging the whole site down, but luckily repl.it plans to take it down soon.

So yea concluding, everyone is experiencing this, best thing to do is wait, and report to bugs/feedback when you can! ;)


@Bookie0 oh thx!


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