Messages Not Showing In Console
vedprad1 (906)

I believe there is an error in my code, because the messages inside the connections are not showing up in the console. However I can't seem to find it. Any help appreciated!

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malvoliothegood (845)

Hi. I have taken your code, edited it and it is working. You may need to refresh the page between edits. To do this so a hard refresh of the repl (Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+r, Firefox: Ctrl + r) otherwise the sockets and cookies that sets up will still be in existence and this will screw things up. Here is the link to my repl:

This is a good resource:

vedprad1 (906)

@malvoliothegood : I did everything you did, and I also refreshed the page, but the messages still do not show up.

vedprad1 (906)

@malvoliothegood : Never mind! it works now!