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Free & Anonymous
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Due to our school's DSA, I cannot use Teams, however, the rep suggested we use the free & anonymous version.

If so, can I still share fork files and are students able to save their work? Guessing not b/c its anonymous but perhaps there's a work around...Concern is student does the work but forgets to send me the link and then has to redo the assignment b/c its not saved under the anonymous user.

Any advise is appreciated.
p.s. Thanks to all those who replied with contact info:)

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Hey there

Repls made anonymously do save, but you'll have to remember its URL to get back to it. If you end up returning to the Repl, say, a day later, you'll have to fork the Repl (which is possible anonymously, there's just not a button for it. Just edit the code and it'll auto-fork).

If you're concerned about them forgetting the link, then I'm afraid there's not much else that I know of besides making accounts for them. You don't necessarily have to use a Team, but at least with an account, you'll only have to remember the signin credentials.

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Thanks...unfortunately county will not allow me to use if students have to create an acct...silly IMO but nothing I can do about it.