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Hey is there anyway to use replit on rasberry pico
RajatMokashe (0)

I want make my pc a clutter free as possible and don't want go in to installing and setting all is there a possible way to use replit on micropython and with pico
Edit: I am NOT asking to use replit using Rasberry PI
I want to use "Rasberry Pico"
Edit: I think no one knows what Raberry pico is it is a microcontroller cheap. For more info click on info

Answered by InvisibleOne (3003) [earned 5 cycles]
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InvisibleOne (3003)

My raspberry pi 4 works with replit on the default browser, but it does run a bit slow.

RajatMokashe (0)

No @InvisibleOne I am asking to code "rasberry pico" using replit NOT on rasberry pi

RajatMokashe (0)

Plz check the updated comment @InvisibleOne

InvisibleOne (3003)

You mean just write the code on replit and then run it on the pico? @RajatMokashe

InvisibleOne (3003)

I see @RajatMokashe, I haven't ever used one but I believe you have to write the code in python and compile it into a micropython file. I think Raspberry Pi has an online compiler for it, but I'm not sure.

RajatMokashe (0)

No no according to documentation of raspberry pico it should be run using thonny @InvisibleOne

InvisibleOne (3003)

as far as I know replit doesn't support micropython. @RajatMokashe

LukeWright (287)

If you have a web browser that supports replit on you rasberry then sure.

SaiHtet2 (0)


xxpertHacker (930)

Whoa whoa, hopefully you haven't accepted defeat so soon!?

Repl merely runs linux containers, if you can download, install, and execute Raspberry Pico on a Linux OS, then you can just as easily install it on Repl via Bash.

I'm not familiar with it, but the normal installation instructions should work on Repl, provided that you do not install to the root, but install to usr or a file in the ./ directory.

Hopefully this helps you successfully get the program running on Repl.