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Hey help me to learn Java

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Hey guys. How are you all?
I’m new to programming. And i want tk learn java.
So help me where i i can learn java programming properly and easily.

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The java script language is a important part of computer. Really a great invention of computer science. So essay writing service and people know very well that they can undersand that this programming language is very important in these days.

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This is a great place to learn:

If you ever need help, consider joining the official discord:

Good luck. ^w^

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Check out Derek Banas' tutorial on YouTube.

I also made a tutorial a while ago:

also made a post about learning Java:

Please mark as the answer if this answered your question :)

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If you have really wanna study Java, I would recommend you to go here . They will provide you the great online learning experience and you will learn under the top instructors.