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Hey guys how do u make graphics without Love and stuff
GabrielCuevas1 (8)

I want to make a 2D game but im stuck.Someone Please Help thanks!

JamesGregory2 (1)

everything is made with love and stuff

AlexanderTarn (291)

I use python, so I might not know how to code it, but I do know what to code. create a lot of lists with one same character. Then create another list that contains all of the lists. this way you can call one spot on your map with just calling the list and then finding that index. After that during your game, you just want to print the entire map and then do whatever you want to change it. Hope this helps!

GabrielCuevas1 (8)

and yes i am highway

GabrielCuevas1 (8)

Dear highwayman Thanks I just when i tried love the proccess of doing it was hard so itried without love

Highwayman (1537)

@GabrielCuevas1 @GabrielCuevas1 oh. Well just telling you right now there is no way doing graphics without a lib is going to be easier than doing it with a lib. Tarn does give a good suggestion though: you can do all his stuff he suggested and just output it onto the console, which would make all those pesky graphics problems go away. But otherwise since you want to use actual graphics you’ll have to either look for a new graphics lib or learn love2d. Either way it will be frustrating, there’s no way around it.

Highwayman (1537)

@Highwayman wait but looking at what I assume is your code ( I see you’re not actually using a love repl! I think you just have to put it in an actual love repl and then it will compile fine. here’s the link:

Highwayman (1537)

Yeah, they have love:
So are you asking how people make graphics from scratch in lua?

GabrielCuevas1 (8)

Ok So im trying to make a game in fact a 2D one without The program Love and Im stuck at the graphics part

Highwayman (1537)

I thought they had love on

Vandesm14 (2759)

What specifically are you stuck on? Or are you asking for collaboration?
Without "Love"?

mwilki7 (1136)

no games can be made without love :(