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Hey everyone
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Hello everyone. How are you? I'm back, so you're probably annoyed. So, anyways, I was writing this code, and I'm not sure how to do something. Help me out, please?

So in this code I have to get a series of numbers and print the first pair of consecutive numbers that share the same sign (+/-). And if there are no consecutive numbers that share the same sign, I have to print 0. So, I've managed to do the first part with a for loop, but I'm clueless on how to do the second part. Can you guys give me some advice please? Thanks!

Here's the code:

a = [int(s) for s in input().split()]
w = []
e = 1

for i in range(len(a)):
if a[e] > 0 and a[e-1] > 0 or a[e] < 0 and a[e-1] < 0:
print(a[e-1] , a[e])
e += 1

Answered by ArchieMaclean [earned 5 cycles]
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if (a[e]+1)==a[e+1] or (a[e]-1)==a[e+1]: print(a[e]+" "+a[e+1]

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What is the variable e for? couldn't you just use i? As for the solution, just set a variable, such as done to False at the beginning of your program and set it to true if you find a pair. If the variable is still false when you are done with the loop, print 0.

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Thanks a lot!