FutureInPython Tutorials
JosephSanthosh (1181)

I'm making a team where I'll be teaching the basics of Python. Anyone interested in learning Python should join!

Team name: FutureInPython Tutorials

Team 1: @KobeFF | @ROCKINGRAYQUAZA | @LTI2 | @SudhamJayanthi | @PizzaisGood | @MKWonderland | @theroadtocode | @pythoder | @Codingforfun123 |

Team 2: @Leroy01010 | @georgina3 | @ironblockhd | @abbykronenberg | @dabs364 | @HackerSK | @realTronsi | @Lethdev2019 |

If you want to join ping @JosephSanthosh NOW!!!


If you are in the FutureInPython Tutorials join the Slack NOW to receive announcements or questions or give ideas! Slack Invitation Link: https://join.slack.com/t/futureinpytho-sxq9730/shared_invite/zt-h180yr38-hClot4IoSnAiKhczLxEnBA

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poetaetoes (329)

Hey @JosephSanthosh , I can't acces slack rn. Can you? it says The webpage at https://app.slack.com/t/futureinpytho-sxq9730/login/z-app-1321935821014-1398283556883-31a2101b842b71d8f536ab2e63b387206077744f8e54aa4f1d9a8fb91bfa7940 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.