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TabacayeDiaby (1)

Hello my brothers and sisters. I'm passionate about informatics. But eventually I don't know anything about conding .I'm a beginner.I want you help me. Please!!

IntellectualGuy (822)

Change line 8 to

from math import *

LMK if you need anything else

xfinnbar (82)

Hey fellow UK citizen. You are meant to spell programme as program in the context of coding, and programme in the context of a TV show or a campaign. Sorry for nitpicking.

AloegelhiPlaysR (131)

Let's start about what you're coding,

Your code:

# variable 
x = 3 
Y = 2 
c = x*Y 
# affichage des  variable 
from math impoit *
x = sqrt(4)
y = sqrt(2)*2 
c = x*y 

Mistakes found: 1.

Change from math impoit * to from math import *