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Davi21 (0)

Can somebody show me how to edit this so I can make it better?!

Davian Hart :)

Answered by IntellectualGuy (682) [earned 5 cycles]
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IntellectualGuy (682)

First I suggest fixing your indentation, Second of all I probably wouldn't tell the user what the computer has chosen, because they would always win. Finally I would make an option to play a two player game.

DavidShen2 (60)

You should include a way to handle if the user does not enter valid input.

Davi21 (0)

@DavidShen2 Ok let me add you so you can help me edit

IntellectualGuy (682)

And you can invite me to the repl if you want me to help make it better

JohnBarnhart (11)

What do you want me to make better though?