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Help needed for python game
TerrorbuildLuna (38)

Hi peoples! I reallly need help with my python game called Traveller. I need people who are good with python classes. Please reply if you are interested and think you can help!
Here is the repl link:
More info once you start helping

Axrevyn (291)

I could help a bit.
Movement could be helped with the getkey module, so you can move without having to press Enter after pressing the movement key.

TerrorbuildLuna (38)

@Axrevyn YES! I was trying to find a solution to that! I'll invite you in a while, please help!

InvisibleOne (2673)

I might be able to help a little

TerrorbuildLuna (38)

@InvisibleOne Are you good with python classes? (the Class classes, not school ones!)

TerrorbuildLuna (38)

@MocaCDeveloper It is a game in development meant to be a survival game where the player has the ability to manipulate terrain (like Minecraft) but also has to reach the other side of the map safely while avoiding (or defeating) wild animals, thieves, hunger, thirst, and darkness.

MocaCDeveloper (554)

@TerrorbuildLuna That is a bit extreme, lol..

Are you sure that Python would be able to do that..without being laggy and glitchy?
I know there's PyGame, but even with that(and with using Repl), it might not be possible..