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Help me with run
novaflippers (63)

How do I run the bash application without the error:
Unable to run: not found
I want to only run the file "Dockerfile"
And yes, I already installed docker >:(

Answered by RowanFromBJC (46) [earned 5 cycles]
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RowanFromBJC (46)

I can't see the repl for some reason, but you can add a file called .replit, and in it add this:

run="command that runs the dockerfile because I have no experience with docker"
novaflippers (63)

@RowanFromBJC Ok but do you know what the command would be (for replit, i feel that it has something special on replit)

RowanFromBJC (46)

@novaflippers no, if you installed docker and know how to use it, then it should be the normal command.