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Help me please
AlmightyDeaks (5)

I Am making a encryption system i can run it the first time and then it works, but after that it seems to remember the answer even when I run it again, I have to reload the page for it to work
I think my Repl is broken please help me

InvisibleOne (2934)

It's not doing that for me? What input were you using?

AlmightyDeaks (5)

@InvisibleOne I put in a first then it give me c until i refresh it.

AlmightyDeaks (5)

@InvisibleOne I think it could just be me Becuase i am putting in capital letters, do you know how i can make it non-case sensitive for the input

InvisibleOne (2934)

It's working just fine fore me, but if you want you can force the input to be lower by doing this

letter = input("Letter: ").lower()