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Help me please
PatrciaCavichio (0)

Whats is wrong in my code? I can't see.

Plese,help me to see.



change if ( hora >=12 && <14) to if ( hora >=12 && hora <14)

CodeMaster007 (109)

Wait, how did you know that. He did not include any code or language or anything and you knew that? I'm not sure if thats correct but if it is..... then your some mind reader. Like for real. @ANDREWVOSS


@CodeMaster007 There was a node js repl attached, but he removed it.

or I'm just magic, you decide :)

CodeMaster007 (109)

Ok. How did you know that? Did the owner confirm that the issue you thought was the right one? @ANDREWVOSS


@CodeMaster007 When I first saw this post 2 hours ago, that repl was attached. I identified the problem in said repl, and posted a comment with the solution. At some point in the following hour, the original poster removed the repl from this post without fixing the problem. That's all I know.