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Help!!! *from alt account*
oofplayer (0)

I've been banned for some reason. please, if a person reads this please help me. My account is @LoganGG.
Help! also, to any workers, sorry for using an alt account.

Answered by LoganGG (9) [earned 5 cycles]
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try contacting maybe they'll help.

[email protected]

Bookie0 (5983)

Because you must have done something against the rules.

You could try to contact by sending them an email at [email protected], or by getting on the discord server and contacting a mod.

Coder100 (17018)

You probably were banned for mass-upvoting/whatever this is:

please, do not talk about giving people cycles and mass-upvoting.

Also, maybe read the rules?

oofplayer (0)

@Coder100 I didn't post that...

Coder100 (17018)

well you can submit an appeal to [email protected] or if you have discord you could join the discord @oofplayer