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Help! My node.js app quit
nbbcsf (3)

I was working on a node.js project (the one below), and suddenly, in Chrome dev tools, I got error message about CSP, although I didn't specify anything. A couple moments later, whenever I visit my site, it takes forever to load (doesn't load). What happened?! NO LINK ON MY WEBSITE WORKS...

AND the repl version of my site (the super long url) doesn't work...

Coder100 (16985)

There are two reasons

1. Errors

When there is an error, to be memory safe a program kills itself. So it won't accept new connections like through links. Check your terminal that there are no errors.

2, Replit killed your repl

Sometimes after an hour of no activity replit will kill your repl. You just have to wait a bit for to load.

nbbcsf (3)

@Coder100 well I don't see any errors in my code... do you? And it's not that replit killed my repl, or it'll give me repl waking up. Just try visiting the link to see what I mean.