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Not possible to paste highlighted code from / Pay membership with paypal

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Dear Community,
Just one month ago, one of the best features of is now gone.
Before it was possible to copy and paste the highlighted and formatted code from to for example Word or Powerpoint.
Now it is not possible to do it. The code is just text with the same color.
Is it possible to have this feature back?
Additionally in the past at the moment of pasting, the indentations dissapeared. Can this be also corrected?
Some people like me prepare some courses or presentations using this wonderful tool, and it would be nice if you let us use this feature I described.

Additionally, I would like please to request the people from to abilitate the possibility to pay the membership with paypal.
I wanted to buy my membership a long time ago, but for this online suscriptions me and others I think prefer the paypal option.

Thank you for your help,
Best regards,

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Hello, recently they have changed the syntax highlighting of the editor, and I think that is where the problem lies.


All the tokens are the same. Now this is what probably is causing the problem, but there's one more thing:


This glitch happens because they are doing dynamic highlighting. Before all the syntax highlighting was manually written:

<span class="keyword">function</span> <span class="identifier">hi</span>

but now it is dynamic highlighting, so it becomes:

<div class="magic"> function hi </div>
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Wonderful explanation! Thanks a lot!

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no problem!