FutureInPython Tutorials
JosephSanthosh (1181)

I'm making a team where I'll be teaching the basics of Python. Anyone interested in learning Python should join!

Team name: FutureInPython Tutorials

Team 1: @KobeFF | @ROCKINGRAYQUAZA | @LTI2 | @SudhamJayanthi | @PizzaisGood | @MKWonderland | @theroadtocode | @pythoder | @Codingforfun123 |

Team 2: @Leroy01010 | @georgina3 | @ironblockhd | @abbykronenberg | @dabs364 | @HackerSK | @realTronsi | @Lethdev2019 |

If you want to join ping @JosephSanthosh NOW!!!


If you are in the FutureInPython Tutorials join the Slack NOW to receive announcements or questions or give ideas! Slack Invitation Link: https://join.slack.com/t/futureinpytho-sxq9730/shared_invite/zt-h180yr38-hClot4IoSnAiKhczLxEnBA

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JosephSanthosh (1181)

Hello fellow coders! You all have been successfully enrolled into FutureInPython Tutorials where you will be learning the languages of Python. All coding and teaching will be through repl.it and all questions, comments, and announcements will be said and done only on Slack. If you can't use or join the Slack Group Chat personally ping me. Slack invitation: https://join.slack.com/t/futureinpytho-sxq9730/shared_invite/zt-h180yr38-hClot4IoSnAiKhczLxEnBA

More information regarding classes will be sent out soon!
All members have to join!

@PizzaisGood @SudhamJayanthi @MKWonderland @Coder100
@Leroy01010 @KobeFF @pythoder @theroadtocode @LTI2 @Codingforfun123 @georgina3 @ironblockhd @abbykronenberg @dabs364 @ROCKINGRAYQUAZA @HackerSK @realTronsi

realTronsi (926)

@ironblockhd You can just make an account through google, pretty easy and takes 30 seconds to do

JosephSanthosh (1181)

oh slack is free and you can just go to the web and enter. @ironblockhd