Web Filter Bypass

Hello, everyone. I was wondering if there is a way to bypass a web filter with code. I'm sure there is, but with the chromebook I want to use, there doesn't appear to be a code manager or a code window that I can open up.
Please help!

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Answered by Pythonier [earned 5 cycles]
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Hello! I've made a new project - NOVAHAVEN, which I'm sure you all appreciate :)
Some features: disguises tab as a random pdf
You need this bookletmark:
javascript:(function() {window.localStorage.setItem('accessLevel', 'novaHaven');})();
If you can improve it, tell me! I also have a git hub repo if you are interested. Unfortunately, iframe, embedding with object tags, and "Block" (which is an iframe that blocks pop-ups) no longer work. But the proxy will allow you to get onto sites like "Medium" or "Brainly", just not games like krunker.io.


@AdCharity so what do you do with it?