I was in discord and my friend left the server and he has a own bot. So I shutdown the bot. After some day it was online i didn’t care. Some time later it was online again and I checked on repl.it if it was online but it was not. And I remembered the repls are public and I kicked the bots but I have forget one group I had them in and after some day it happened. THE HOLE GROUP WAS DESTROYED IT STAND “xlie was here” EVERYWHERE And I contacted he and he said he haven’t do something.....

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Hello, I would love to help, did you put your token on your repl? if so, generate a new token in the Discord Developer Portal in the bot tab, copy the token and go back to repl. Go to your console and type: npm i dotenv, once it's done downloading, create a new file called .env, go into the file and put in: TOKEN='YOUR_TOKEN' then go back to your main file and put in at the top: const TOKEN = process.env.TOKEN; then, to login the bot with your token add: client.login(process.env.TOKEN); or replace client with whatever variable you use as your bot.