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Having trouble with textures and sprites
CullenDAvello (17)

Ok so, (I’m using SFML) I have (had) set up a Texture texture; if (!texture.loadFromFIle(“texture.json”)) and I had the sprite code but when I went to window.draw the sprite I had 8 errors I couldn’t fix any of them so I deleted it.. i was wondering if its because it was a json and not a png... can someone do it for me? Also I’m using SFML. Also the image is already in a file under Assets> hallway.json>

I thought I followed the SFML tutorial pretty close but I was wrong. And @SPQR i was wondering if you wanted to collaborate on this because the new update is amazing and lets you add people.

SPQR (595)

I can't really do it for you without knowing exactly what you're trying to accomplish, maybe try re-adding your Sprite so we can help you fix the errors and show you what you did wrong?

Also I have some projects of my own i'm currently working on but i can certainly help you out here and there :)

CullenDAvello (17)

@SPQR hey thanks i just wanted it set up so i could draw the sprite, nothing complicated