CoolJames1610 (713)

Hmmm, I was on @IreTheKID repl customs and I saw that @enigma_dev was at the top. Now I come into repl talk and i see that @enigma_dev has got 6758 cycles in the last 7 days :O

I've been on their profile and it doesn't look like anything has happened :/

Maybe the repl team are playing around? XD

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qualladoom (357)

Haha that's my own fault, funny it's resurfacing. During my time at repl.it, we played around with the cycles for testing. In fact, I have 7K cycles pretty much since December. Now, since I don't work here anymore, the leaderboard lists me again. I'm gonna ask someone to unlist me from it xD

CoolJames1610 (713)

Ah okay thanks for replying XD @enigma_dev

Wilke000 (625)

lol @enigma_dev, I was wondering the same thing... one day @mat1 was at the top, the next day you had two TIMES as much as him I was stunned!

k9chelsea2 (785)

can you stop trolling, being anti-semetic and just being toxic im general please

Wilke000 (625)

I changed my name already @adsarebbbad i was @IndyCarter, and now I'm Wilke000