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HTML, CSS Results Not Showing Issue
wthi001 (3)

Results are not showing when I hit the run button. On the console section it keeps saying, "Please run your project before using the console." Is there anyway to solve this issue?

beaver700nh (3)

having this same problem... @amasad says it should be fixed but apparently it's not... try doing Ctrl-Shift-W and then opening chrome and doing Ctrl-Shift-T though

themaka (190)

I'm not seeing this issue -- I tried a few of my own HTML repls and they worked, and the one linked below also worked.
It may have been a temporary glitch -- if you see it again, please open your JavaScript console on your browser and grab a screen shot fo any messages there.

Francesco_Paolo (0)

Me too. No result when I hit the run button whatever html repl I load.

abc3354 (229)

Hi !
html + css + javascript repls seem broken.
You can submit a bug report here

wthi001 (3)

@abc3354 I've sent the bug report. Thanks!

Cerberus_75 (17)

link to your repl?

have you tried refreshing it with ctrl + shift + r ?

wthi001 (3)

@Cerberus_75 Yeah I already tried refreshing the page but same result. Here is a link to my repl: