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HTML Button with onclick Function Not Working

I was developing a button that changed the favicon for the website. The button calls the add function.

When I click the button, the console pops up this error:

It is nothing wrong with the code of the function but maybe how I am formatting it. Could somebody help and show me how?

Geocube101 (623)

This could be an issue with a syntax error in another part of the javascript code
(If the javascript code has an error, it will not be loaded, resulting in functions not being found)
Open your repl in a new tab and open the debug console. Click "console" form the tabs at the top. if there is an error, it will be shown in red.

The page can't seem to load your requested javascript code
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () favicon-notification.min.js:1


@Geocube101 There is no error until I click the button.

Geocube101 (623)

@hovr on's side it shows up after you click the button, but if you open the page in a new tab (the html output) and press F+12, you should see an error


@Geocube101 It did do it.


It also appears to be coming from the src script in the code. How can I fix that?

mwilki7 (1137)

Does an instance of the FaviconNotification object need to exist first?


@mwilki7 I don't think so. It says that the add function is not defined.