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Lumpy_Wiggles (91)

I have a node repl (Source code:, website URL: and I get this:

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'index.html', and in the console, I see:

HTML1527: DOCTYPE expected. Consider adding a valid HTML5 doctype: "!DOCTYPE html>".

I have a doctype, though. Before this, I got a 502 error saying that "/sources.txt" (where I will keep hyperlinks for the project) has a Bad Gateway. I assume that this is a problem with the servers, so that's why I asked this. Please answer ASAP.

AbdoAtef3 (0)

Hi Repli, my account is not linked to any Google or Facebook or GitHub, how can I restore my account

pcalderon (0)

Hi, I need help with 2 doubts about clasroom Pro

timmy_i_chen (1187)

I answered your question here!