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Leastweb (0)

what is the best language to use for a beginner?

Bookie0 (6298)


Most beginners in code start with python for its few and easy syntax, simplicty, kinda ressembles english, its readablity, and is the most used language on

You can also learn HTML CSS JS, a very common and in demand computer language. It is also widely used in web development.

Or also C#, a very powerful language for the .NET framework.

You can also learn C++ or C, and some people recomment learning C before C++, because C++ is an enhanced version of C. They are also both considered high performance languages.

Happy coding and hope this helps! =)

ApoorvAgrawal (51)

@Bookie0 Modern c++ is completely different than c, even though you can run most of c code inside of c++.

k9chelsea2 (734)

prolly python but I be learning C++first lol

PattanAhmed (1406)

@Leastweb Hi,
Check out these two videos to know which languages you should learn and shouldn't.
Top 5 programming you should learn
4 Dying Programming Languages you should never learn.
And you can find more videos online on this topic...

Hope this helps.
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I recommend C because you can move up to C# and C++ fairly easily and these languages are commonly used in the industry. You could also learn Lua which is easier but jumping into C as quickly as possible I would recommend. Here is a link for C tutorials

For Lua if you really want to do that I recommend Code Coach TV on YouTube, I have watched this tutorial series it is clean and very in depth.
Can't wait to see what you end up making!!!

DynamicSquid (4929)

I would recommend C++. Check out this starter tutorial:

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HahaYes (1864)

Python if you are lazy, but C++ is good if you are motivated.

HarperframeInc (456)

@HahaYes Atleast Python has better readability of code.

HahaYes (1864)

@HarperframeInc well no. Python is a dynamic language, but coming from C, C++ looks good, pyton also looks good, but its the SPEEED that is key

HarperframeInc (456)

@HahaYes That's where Cython comes into play. While not available on, a lot of python programs where speed or low-level acess is essential use it.

HahaYes (1864)

@HarperframeInc personally never liked Cython, but the idea was pretty cool

ApoorvAgrawal (51)

Python is the easiest, but teaches you a lot of bad habits, Js is good but only for web dev, Swift is great, but only if you want to make apps of Apple, C might be too low level and hard for a first language, and Java is hard, but in the end, it's really worth it. Its all down to a matter of preference.

Coder100 (18207)

@ApoorvAgrawal Personally, if you don't go too in-depth with C, it is still a good language. All static languages are great in my opinion :)